Monday, May 13, 2013

Good Morning Everyone!!!
I am so excited to get back on here and back into my blogging! I have not been very good about blogging so today starts a new try!!
I have a bunch of projects in the works:
1. I have been sewing up a storm! I made a Thirty-One knock off that looked more like something I got at a garage sale from the free bin so I am definitely going to be trying that again. I am in the middle of making my own rolled up paper towels. But bags are my favorite and I just found a class on that I want to take before getting too much more involved with those and last but not least, homemade sandwich/snack bags.
2. I am going to be teaching a class at my church's vacation Bible school this summer that I am super excited about! The class is how to make things out of Duck Tape so I have been busy getting together some ideas for that. Not to mention the practice!!
3. I am in love with SMASHBOOKS!!! I bought one for my birthday last year, put some stuff in it and sent it off to my sister in the next state over. She is getting ready to send it off this week to our other sister who lives 2 states over from her and then she, in turn, will send it back to me! We are very excited to share our thoughts and ideas with each other in this way. I will probably be messing around with my smashbook within the next couple of days so there should be a post about that coming up soon.
Lots of stuff going on, not to mention all the end-of-the-year stuff for my girls!!
Have a great week everyone,

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